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Our Services

We work with non profits, advocacy organizations and corporations to innovate integrated solutions and outcome focused campaigns that harness proven strategies that include online advertising, social media and grass root operatives to allow you to build long term relationships with customers and key constituency. Our industry experts provide the insight that drives results.

Operational consulting

Republic is the best consulting partner for companies that our committed to quickly achieving and sustaining their full potential.

Business Development

With a focus on emerging markets, complexity management and strategy development to help service industry build differentiated capabilities that deliver to value to customers while increasing profitability.

Political Strategy and Advocacy

At Republic we pair technology with good old fashion grass roots organizing to build integrated campaigns that win.

Education and Training

Our experience in public safety and healthcare enable Republic to provide our clients with cutting-edge education and an expert knowledge base related to field operations, OSHA Compliance, medical billing standards and practice.

Medical Billing

Republic helps our clients develop medical billing practices that focus on process to improve cash flow with a strict adherence to compliance standards.

Technology Implementation

Republic and their strategic partners specialize in helping companies and organizations build value through digital media, cloud computing, web and mobile development. We understand best practice in SEO, social media and mobile marketing to drive better engagement with your customers .

Vehicle Sales

Republic EMS is partnering up to deliver industry leading emergency vehicles built on reliability, quality and craftsmanship. 


Our values of honesty, integrity, commitment and delivery are important to us. We are honest and straightforward in all our dealings with clients, candidates, contractors and our employees.


We are a company that values individuals and teamwork, where people care about each other and share their knowledge freely.


We are committed to growing our business through embracing technology, developing strong partnerships and by placing the emphasis on providing high levels of customer satisfaction.


We strive for excellence and aim to exceed expectations


We work hard to achieve our goals and we encourage our staff to be ambitious


Meet Our Team

Gio Chiarella


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